From Here: English Folk Field Recordings



From Here: English Folk Field Recordings – CD + map / vinyl / digital.

Curated, recorded and produced by Nicola Kearey and Ian Carter, Stick In The Wheel.

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We set out to make a collection of live recordings – a snapshot of English folk music right now. We wanted to capture performances that were immediate and intimate. You feel like you’re in the room with them, hearing a continuation of a tradition which is very much alive, and evolving.

We didn’t know most of these people, being new to the folk scene. But we could see across the breadth of England, what a wide range of music and styles there were. When we approached the artists, most of them said yes without question, and trusted us with their art. We were welcomed into private and personal spaces, in down-time, and between gigs. Often we were done within the hour, then packed away in the boot of the car, and on to the next one. Of course there are people we don’t know about, or couldn’t get…There is always next time.

From a stone cottage in Edale, a London bank vault, a Bristol back room, to a Robin’s Hood Bay garden at dusk, a Bedford kitchen – each artist was asked to think about what From Here meant to them – by way of place or geography, as a way of looking back to musical origins, or simply where they are at this very moment in time: ‘here’s what I am, this is where I’m from’. Then we just recorded them live, in situ, two stereo mics, no overdubs. Exactly as if you were right there.

Featuring new recordings by Jon Boden / John Kirkpatrick / Martin Carthy / Spiro / Eliza Carthy / Fay Hield / Sam Lee / Fran Foote (SITW) / Jack Sharp (Wolf People) / Nicola Kearey (SITW) / Men Diamler / Bella Hardy / Stew Simpson / Lisa Knapp / Peta Webb & Ken Hall / Sam Sweeney / Rob Harbron

“This bountiful record…is so ingenuously ambitious and artfully executed, it feels both like the beginning of a major project of contemporary musicology and plays like a dream open-mic session at the perfect folk club. Ian Carter and Nicola Kearey have begun a project that could conceivably do more to broaden the appeal of traditional folk music than any other venture in recent years that I can think of. The sooner they get back out there with their recording machine and two stereo mics the better.” Caught by the River

More info at From Here Records.

Festivals 2016



A round up of all the incredible festivals we played this year.

Lunar was hot and had the wonkiest stage, Sin Eater was amazing for the scenery and juxtaposition of folk music and noise bands. Glastonbury was a mud bog but Billy Bragg and the Left Field team made us so welcome we quite forgot that. Larmer Tree was the only one with peacocks then it was over to Ireland for Eargail Arts Festival where we played our English folk music to the warmest of welcomes. Cambridge and Sidmouth Folk Festivals were once again packed full of people “having their minds blown” (a label bod’s view) with Allen Valleys being the furthest north we’ve ever been – magical.


New release: Tales from St Jude’s, Bethnal Green

Tales from St Jude’s, Bethnal Green grew out of the band’s VOICED residency at Phytology, the site of St Jude’s Church in Bethnal Green. Destroyed by a WWII bomb, this place is important to SITW because of their ancestral ties to the parish of Bethnal Green.

The embossed, gold-foiled sleeve comes with a 16 page booklet, replicating the Victorian parish materials and bound in the same cotton archival tape as the original prayer booklets held at the London Metropolitan Archive. With a foreword from the Spitalfields Life writer The Gentle Author, and featuring archive images of the church, printed ephemera, street traders and images from the site. Complete with hand-stamped paper bag with a download sticker on reverse.

***LIMITED DELUXE VERSIONS (the first 50 or so) feature hand-tied dried herb posies from the St Jude’s site***

Taken from a 17th Century broadside ballad and set to new music, Cryes is a plaintive lament, cycling through a list of street traders’ wares, that becomes more urgent as the voices increase in number.

Broomes comes from a 16th century play “Three Ladies of London”. These words are from the mouth of one trader, whose lone voice seeks to bargain a sale for the most basic of household items.

This way of making a living was once every Londoner’s right – to trade on the street – and is now, like many other age old customs, becoming a disappearing sight as legislation and councils seek to monetise common space for themselves and section off commerce to the highest bidder.

New split release with Lynched

Pre-order our split release newspaper + download code through our Bandcamp. Out June 17th, you’ll also find it at all good record shops. Two brand new tracks:

Stick In The Wheel – White Copper Alley

Lynched – Peat Bog Soldiers

Plus interviews with the bands, May Day workers’ tales by Roger Huddle (founding member of Rock Against Racism) and the folklore of May Day by George Hoyle (South East London Folklore Society and Gentlefolk band).

Limited release and only £4.




SITW004PTY088 back

Sold out weekend at Cafe Oto

A huge thank you to everyone that came and supported us at our From Here Records launch. Two sold out nights at Cafe Oto, with ourselves and Lynched, Jack Sharp from Wolf People, Men Diamler, Roger Huddle, George Hoyle and of course the wonderful John Kirkpatrick.

Here’s the whole of Cafe Oto joining in with Hal-an-Tow, the traditional May Day song.

From Here Records at Cafe Oto

We are very pleased to announce a two-day residency at London’s Cafe Oto, on April 30th/May 1st 2016, featuring ourselves, and a host of our favorite people, to launch our label proper. Music, traditional culture, talks, and secret guests. The associated release is a split single with Lynched, who will be performing both nights.

More info and tickets.

fRoots Album of the Year Winners

As announced on BBC Radio 3 last night – and the reason we’re particularly humbled is because this award was voted for by real people (ok, critics) and quite simply, the act with the most votes won. And that happened to be us. And it means a great deal.

BBC Woman’s Hour and Folk Show interview

We were on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour recently, talking to Jenni Murray and playing Champion live. It also made it onto Weekend Woman’s Hour, featuring the best of that week’s programming. Listen again for a limited time here.

The same day, BBC Radio 2 broadcast the interview we did with Mark Radcliffe for the Folk Show. Listen again for a limited time here.

Order the album FROM HERE

The album FROM HERE is released on 25th September 2015. Available as CD, limited 180g vinyl and download through all the normal channels.

ORDER here: Signed copies at Proper while stocks last. Also at Amazon and iTunes.



Mojo ★★★★ Folk Album of the month

The Guardian ★★★★

The Observer ★★★★

Record Collector October 2015 ★★★★

Louder Than War 9/10

R2 magazine ★★★★

fRoots magazine October 2015 no. 388 Lead review and playlist

Songlines ★★★★

Folk Radio UK Album of the month

Shire Folk

FATEA magazine

Bright Young Folk

North West Folk interview with us and Lynched


BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour interview and live session

BBC Radio 2 Folk Show interview

BBC 6 Music – Tom Robinson, BBC Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe, Gideon Coe

BBC Regional – Genevieve Tudor’s Sunday Folk, Sue Marchant

Internet/DAB/podcasts – Resonance FM, fRoots Podcast, The Mike Harding Folk Show, Kathryn Tickell on Amazing Radio, Mike Norris’ Classic Folk, Roots and Shoots with Roger Pettitt, Acoustic Routes, House of Mercy, Radio ORF (Austria)


A MOJO folk album of the year 2015

An UNCUT album of the year 2015

Rough Trade Album Club for October

HMV stores Recommended Release

2015 fRoots Critics’ Poll Album of the Year

2015 FATEA Magazine Debut Album of the Year



Album launch

A massive thanks to everyone who came to our album launch on Saturday at the wonderfully atmospheric Winemakers Club under Holborn Viaduct. Jack Sharp, Marisa and Davy were amazing, as were Nigel of Bermondsey and his GentleFolk. Big thanks also to Rory Carlile and New Roots Promotions for organising. We could have sold out twice over.

Official release date is this Friday.

Stick In The Wheel

Festivals 2015 Pt2

Stick In The Wheel

Cambridge Folk Folk Festival was just great. Packed Club Tent and good crowd.

Sidmouth Folk Week was a totally different vibe, again full house but no pole dancing (it was in a nightclub with a pole).

Wilderness Festival was pretty crazy, a whole other world and one man’s bum sighting too many. They had this bell tower but it was basically for hanging poor people.

Stick In The Wheel

Voiced/NOMAD residency

Pleased to announce we’ve been commissioned (along with five other writers) to be based at the Phytology site throughout August & September, 2015. The project provides a space for writers to explores the cultural heritage of the site at Bethnal Green Nature Reserve through song and spoken text.

More info here.

We’re also playing at the site on 31st July as part of the Nest Collective’s Campfire Club.

Festivals 2015

We’re about halfway through our festivals for this year, with More London at the Scoop, and two appearances at Leigh Folk Festival. We recently played Rhythmtree Festival on the Isle of Wight and had a fantastic reception on both the Marquee Stage for our main set, and the Unplugged Stage, of the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival.

Cambridge, Sidmouth, Wilderness, Merge, Homegrown, Moseley and Derby Folk Festivals beckon. Good times.


Curating Tiller Flat Folk Club

From March to July 2015 this year, Woody took a break, and we stepped in to curate the line-ups for six amazing Tiller Flat Folk Clubs. Held in the hold of the full size replica Golden Hinde II, moored at London Bridge, these nights were full of atmosphere and packed with the best folk acts we could find. We hosted Californian band Blackbird Raum, as part of their European tour, and are very grateful for the time and talent shared by all the acts who participated, helping raise money for the maintenance of the boat.

Special full length interview for Radio Warwickshire

We’ve done an interview with Tamsin Rosewell for Radio Warwickshire where we pick tunes and talk about our own tunes and the stories behind them. Here’s what Tamsin said:

My Folk Show this week is a full-show interview with Stick in the Wheel. Although I adore the work of many groups, if I had to name one group that was my favourite, it would be this one. I hear in their work an authenticity and a genuine understanding of folk heritage that I don’t hear with such clarity in many other places. As usual there will be six tracks from them and six tracks, chosen by them, which are of particular interest or influence to their work. There will be music from Planxty, Rose Kemp, Chris Wood and Karine Polwart, The Young Tradition, The Dubliners Official and Martin Carthy. We talk about politics, dark humour, music and the modern interpretation of folk tradition. Join us at 8pm on Thursday at and it’s up on Mixcloud too.

Big thanks

Thanks to all who’ve been in touch privately and publicly about our Folk Award nominations. Your support really does mean a great deal to us. We met some nice people. We drank our one allocated drink. It also gave us the opportunity to watch some well-known people get drunk and behave questionably in front of our very eyes. We remain, Stick In The Wheel.

Hasp video

Folk Radio UK premiered the video for our track Hasp on their website. Filmed by Toby Amies, produced, edited and directed by Stick In the Wheel, you can watch it here.

New 7″ single + collectors pack.

Our new single is out now on Static Caravan. We had a few special collectors packs which sold out in 18 minutes, consisting of the 7″ plus a horsehair braid and individual customised medieval coin sourced from Essex ground, in a black handstamped card drawer. If you missed out on this one, make sure you sign up to the mailing list.

The vinyl itself is sleeved in recycled black board with white foil embossing, individually printed on a Heidelberg press and hand assembled. Very limited pressing, with download code. Available via Static Caravan or in person at gigs.



Bob Copper @ Cecil Sharp House


As surprise guests at the Bob Copper Centenary Event at Cecil Sharp House on Saturday, we had to keep our appearance a secret. Shirley Collins also made a special (and much more important) appearance, and there were loads of amazing people that it was an absolute honour to share a stage with – Heather Wood of Young Tradition and Martin Carthy for starters. Made some new friends in Spiro and got to see our pal Nancy Wallace too. All organised very efficiently by Ian Anderson, Stephen and Carmen Hunt, and of course the Copper Family themselves. Still can’t quite believe they let us on the stage, and people have said some very nice things about our performance of “Hard Times of Old England”, including good old Colin Irwin writing for the Guardian that we were “inspirationally abrasive”.

We had a fucking brilliant time.

fRoots Award for Bones EP

Editor's Album

The Bones EP has its first award, and was announced last night on BBC Radio 3’s World on Three with Mary Ann Kennedy. Nice.

Bedlam is also featured on the associated podcast, editor Ian Anderson said we’re “one of the most refreshing bands I’ve heard this year”.

FolkEast Festival


Thanks to everyone to came to see us at the amazing FolkEast Festival, on the Broad Roots stage. So many people!


Leigh Folk Festival


Thanks to Paul Collier and the Leigh Folk Festival team for our first Leigh appearance. Great also to meet and chat with Stephen Hunt, Brian Denny, Nancy Wallace, Diana Collier, Nidge Nice, Rosemary Lippard, Wouter, Keith and everyone else who came to see us.



What you mean you didn’t stay up to hear us on BBC6Music at 2am? We were on the BBC Introducing mixtape.

Then last week Tom Robinson played us on his Saturday night show, around 11.30pm.

What’s Cookin’ homecoming


This is Evie Ladin and Keith Terry who we supported last week at What’s Cookin’ at Leytonstone Ex-Servicemens Club. They’re over here from the US on a 3 week tour – do try and catch them, you won’t have seen anything like it. Appalachian clog dancing, old-time tunes, great singing and the most amazing body music.

What’s Cookin’ always puts on a great bill, chosen with care by Ramblin Steve, and the venue’s always decorated beautifully. It’s where Stick in the Wheel first gigged so it’s always a special place for us.

Great Goose gig


Here’s Nygel introducing us at the Goose is Out, him and Sue liked us so much we’ve been asked back in April 2015 with a headline slot. The Ivy House is a beautiful community pub with preserved ballroom owned by the people. Jim Causley headed the night and said “what [we’re] doing is really important”. So that’s nice.

Oxford Human Rights Festival


Thanks to Angela, Eva and the Truck Store for putting us on at the festival, with Paula Ryan and George the Poet. Big up to Will Phipps for dropping by too.

We also did a little intimate gig for Folk Modern at The Finsbury in Manor House. Lovely little boozer and massive respect to Pedro for excellent sound.

Folk Rising – sold out


Last week we played at the Nest Collective/EFDSS night, Folk Rising. For the first time in its eight year history, this event sold out, even though there were three bands instead of the usual four. The Trefusis hall at Cecil Sharp House is a really nice sounding room to play. Thanks to everyone who came and listened so intently.

Earlier in the day we’d interviewed Laura Smyth and Malcolm Taylor who run the absolute goldmine of a library at Cecil Sharp House, the results of which will soon be published online.

Photo credit SP Collins.

New Cuts EP out now


Our new EP is now available for free download/pay what you what. By popular demand we’ve added a physical release which is available for pre-order, and will ship 1 March 2014.

Cuts is a collection of traditional tunes recently recorded for various radio shows and compilation CDs.